Changing the look of the dress

It is always exciting to me to make some new changes and additions to the clothes . So it happened to the wedding dress. The dress had spaghetti straps originally.  A customer’s wish was to have sleeves on dress and open back.  I made the sleeves from the tale of the dress. Also I add some parts on front and back on to what the sleeves are held. In addition to the dress, the customer wanted to have a puffy removable skirt for the ceremony. This is how the dress looks after it’s alteration.



Welcome to SVS Atelier!

Hello! My name is Svetlana. SVSatelier is my company, about what I was dreaming since I was a child. This is my hobby and my leisure. I love to spend my free time designing and making new clothes, clothes alteration and some other stuff for the house, such as decorative pillows, table linens and runners and some other things.

I am working with all that for more than 15 years and every day I still enjoy working with that. All the kind stores related to fabrics, threads, patters and sewing machines are my passion. In my head I have so many ides that they are running faster than I can realize them in life. Such kind of work makes me feel happy when I do apparel looking great on people!

Will be so glad to help you look great, whether, your wardrobe is old or new, or even making new clothes you will definitely love it!